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Insurance companies are more advanced in their knowledge and capabilities. There is now a need more than ever for qualified public adjusters to meet this demand and increase knowledge

Claim Training Center Course Topic Include:

Overhead & Profit, Supplements, Legal, Building Code Upgrades, Material Compatibility & Uniformity, Understanding Policies, Negotiation with Insurance Adjusters and so much more! 


IIllinois Claim Training Center believes there is an education void for today’s public adjuster/contractor.


Today’s claims environment requires adjusters to Understand the Claim Process. Whether it’s learning about how to approach the customer, understand the insurance companies’ estimate or even submitting a supplement estimate to the insurance, Illinois Claim Training Center will train you in these areas and ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to get the claim settled.


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Insurance Supplements

Changes or revisions that are needed to correctly evaluate and or inspect a risk are often times overlooked, under paid or discovered after work begins. Many of your fellow Public Adjusters & Contractors out there simply accept an insurance job as is and don’t even pursue the additional items. The work gets done and you incur the cost of the extras and NEVER get paid for the extra work. Why?? Illinois Claim Training Center will help you to avoid these barriers.

Most common insurance supplemented items: Interior, Roofing, Siding & Gutters

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